Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the process by which a company charts its future growth and success. It will enable your company to answer the following questions:

  • How do we remain successful?
  • How do we become more successful?
  • What is the best way forward?
  • And most importantly – How do we accomplish this?

This is accomplished by analyzing the company’s resources, capabilities, environment and opportunities. We then work with key management in deciding upon the most advantageous and practical way forward, and assist in setting goals and objectives to ensure adherence to the plan.

The Strategic Plan must be translated into business level plans that are understood and acted upon by all levels within theorganisation to be effectively implemented.

The Phi Group’s approach to assisting your company in achieving the goals and objectives of the strategic plan is to focus on facilitation and execution at the operational level.

Business Planning

Business planning involves the implementation of strategy at an operational level such as marketing, human resource and financial planning.

Our approach to business planning is to ensure that there is clear understanding by all levels of the organization of the strategic plan and what each person’s role is in achieving the goals. Employees’ individual goals need to be aligned to the company’s goals. Once there is alignment, we will also ensure that necessary systems and processes are identified to support these goals and the operations of the business.

Our professional team has done extensive strategic and business planning engagements for several companies in the financial, retail, construction and manufacturing sectors.